Website speed and performance optimization

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Website speed and performance optimization

Imgix is a service that allows websites or applications to load images more quickly. It can also be said to be dedicated to image optimization technology companies. The integration includes online cutting, compression, responsive design, image enhancement and many other functions. Users don't have to deal with images on their own. Just connect the website to the imgix API to automatically operate the cloud.

Page Weight Tool is a website optimization tool. In short, it is like Google PageSpeed Insights designed for webpage images. Enter the website URL to be tested to get relevant data and suggestions for modification, and tell users the pictures can be optimized. The Page Weight Tool will list the overall page size, image size, and percentage of the page that can be "weight loss" after the optimized image.

Features Highlights

  • Easy to use
  • Detail report of scanned website

How to use

Open the Page Weight Tool website and directly enter the URL of the web page to be detected. Press "Show Me!" to continue.
Scan the website

The Page Weight Tool results page will first display the total size of the detected pages. For example, the following figure is 1.29 MB. These are the total results including web pages and images and programs, because Page Weight is focused on optimizing the image to reduce the size. , speed up the page loading speed, so it will also tell you the size of the current page and the percentage of weight that can be lost after optimization.
pageweight images weight

If the result you detected is green "Light", it means that your webpage speed is still fast. The rest is to see if the percentage after optimization will affect the overall webpage speed. If the proportion is high, then look for it. A way to handle the picture!

Of course, the most important thing is that the Page Weight Tool will tell you by chart. The current part of the website takes up the proportion of the overall page size. If you optimize the image, how much space will grow and how many seconds to open.
pageweight worst images

And provide analysis information for each of your images. Some images may not need such a large size. Users can reduce the image size by adjusting the size or compression of the image, so that the page loading speed can be further improved. This feature can be said to be very detailed, and the webmaster does not need to manually check the image.
pageweight page breakdown

Finally, the Page Weight Tool allows users to share the test results. Click on "Share Report" in the upper right corner to create a sharing link, let others access the content, or share the link via the social network button.
pageweight generate report
pageweight email report

How to fix the large size images?

Compress the images using this tools
pageweight tinypng

Upload the images and compression will start automatically. Download and replace the images to original images.

Check the result after image compression

You can see there is big different of the images size. Website loading speed have big improvement.

pageweight after images compression

Image size compression comparsion

Before image compression After image compression
Total Page Weight 1.5MB 825KB
Image Weight 1.29MB 601KB

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