Transfer files via browser directly and securely

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Transfer files via browser directly and securely

During daily work or life, most likely transfer photos or attach files to email attachments through instant messaging software. However, if the files are too large , free space may be used and cause a common problem. By uploading the file to a third-party server that will establish a copy. Even if the file is deleted, it is difficult to ensure how these copies will be processed.

Security and privacy become a major concern . Now, a better solution was to use instant messaging technology (WebRTC) directly on the browser to allow peer-to-peer transmission between users. recommend in this article is a secure online tool that can directly transfer files.

Features Highlights

  • Extremely efficient and fast
  • The files are never copied to any server or cloud
  • All the connections are encrypted
  • Strict German and EU data privacy laws
  • No file size limit

Upload and transfer the file(s)

Open the website, click " Select a file... " to select the file to be transferred (or drag the file to be transferred directly to the browser). If the file exceeds more than one recommendation, use the compression software to compress it into a single file.

Show frontpage

After upload completed. The transfer link will appear, copy the link to the person who wants to receive the file, and let the other party open the URL. Note that because the file is transferred between browsers, both the sender and the receiver must keep browsing.

Upload the file

Share the link

When the other party opens the share link, the browser will start to receive the file. After the completion, it will be automatically downloaded and saved to the computer.

Download the file


The file is not uploaded before transmission, and the link established between the sender and the receiver is direct (ie browser to browser), not only encrypted but also fastest. It's very worth for daily usage.

Official Website: