Test website connection speed from different cities

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Test website connection speed from different cities

Testmysite.io introduce in this article is a free tool that assists the webmaster in rating websites. It can analyze items such as TTFB (Time To First Byte), full download HTML time, HTTPS, HTTP2, and whether it is the correct SSL certificate. Provide the final score for the webmaster to use as an optimization reference.

It is worth mentioning that Testmysite.io will report the speed of connections from different cities in the world, including San Francisco in the West Coast of the United States, New York, Germany, Brazil, Australia and Japan on the East Coast, roughly distributed in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Although there are not many nodes, there is still reference value.

Features Highlights

  • Test website factors such as TTFB, download speed, HTTPS, HTTP/2, and SSL
  • Get connection speed information measured from different city nodes in the world

Test my website from different cities

After opening Testmysite.io, enter the website URL you want to test at the top. Press Enter when you type and start testing. Wait for a few minutes.

There will be a score at the top of the test report, with a score of 100. The main point is to look at a few columns marked in yellow. The top overview is also very important. Testmysite.io can tell you that the top priority of this website should be to fix those problems first . My result is that TTFB and loading HTML are not fast enough.

Test my site by domain

There are various test parameter results below, and the speed of the website is deducted. HTTPS, HTTP/2 and SSL certificates are also indispensable. It has been said many times that Google now advocates the importance of SSL, if there is no special reason, It is recommended that the website be changed to the HTTPS security protocol as soon as possible, in addition to the more secure and external speed.

Test result

Drag the page down and you will see that Testmysite.io mentioned above will test the connection and download speed of the website from several different cities in the world. Of course, there are many reasons for this, and sometimes a certain section of the traffic jam Or abnormalities may affect the test results, which can be used as a reference. If you want more and more in-depth testing, you may have to find other professional tools.

Test from different cities

Official Website: https://testmysite.io/