Share sensitive content with friends securely

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Share sensitive content with friends securely

SafeNote is a secure content sharing service. It can be set to automatically destroy after the user shares the content and generates the link and can also choose the link save time and password. In addition to creating a shared link for plain text content, SafeNote also supports files upload but file size no more than 100MB.

SafeNote can customize the link expiration time, such as one hour, 24 hours, three days, one week, 14 days, one month. Manually set the password and receive the notification email. This service function is to solve the transmission content is obtained by the third party. Although SafeNote encrypted content can not be re-read, restored, and will be automatically deleted in 30 days, too much privacy information is absolutely not suggest to share it online.

Features Highlights

  • Convert text or uploaded files to a shared link
  • Automatically destroy after opening, to avoid unapproved people getting the content
  • Password, expiration time and email notification

Generate secure note

To open the SafeNote website, simply paste the text content you want to transfer to the bottom to create a sharing link.

Or click "Upload a File" to switch to the upload file mode. SafeNote can share files in addition to sharing text content.
Safenote content

The advanced options below are SafeNote's various settings, including content save time (default is 30 days), password, and email to get notifications. If you want the shared content to be automatically opened after reading and reading, remember to check "Remove". Note immediately after it read".
Advance settings

The content can be saved for hours, days to months. To receive an email notification when the note is read or deleted, remember to check the bottom two options.

Once the SafeNote link is established, pass the URL to someone else to receive the content or file you shared.

Share the secure link

The SafeNote feature is burned after reading, that is, when the user reads the content or downloads the file, the link will be invalid. Before the user starts, the user will be prompted to delete the content after reading. If necessary, please remember to open it. Manually copy and back up.

Read note by password

When SafeNote is turned on, the prompt that the content has been deleted appears at the top, that is, the user must save the content by himself.

Note destroyed

Once the link fails, it cannot be read again and cannot be restored. SafeNote encrypts the content to generate a shared URL. According to the website description, the information shared by these users cannot be seen.
Note not exist

Sample emails send by safenote

Note have been read

Read email

Note have been destroy

Restory email

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