Reader Mode in Chrome like Kindle

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Reader Mode in Chrome like Kindle

Fika is a Google Chrome plug-in that supports multi-language. It can be enabled on the article page and re-format the content by removing various advertisements, windows or messy webpage layouts. It allow users to focus on reading content.

Fika offers four different color themes, as well as the text size and font size . The various title paragraphs in the text are captured and presented in the sidebar. Users can quickly jump to specific content (table of content) when reading. Try Fika, so that you can get better browsing experience.

Features Highlights

  • Remove advertisements and focus on web page content
  • Can adjust text size, font and theme color
  • Quick jump to the desired content faster by hyperlink

Install Fika

Open Chrome and click this to Fika - Reader Mode extension page. Click the "Add to Chrome" button in the upper right corner.
fika add to chrome

Click "Add extension" button to install into Chrome

fika install

After installation, a Fika blue logo will appear in the upper right corner. To open the reading mode, just click this button or use the quick key Alt + R(Mac is Option + R).

fika default browsing

Click on the Fika button in the article page to open the reading mode. The Table of Content on the left side, and a sidebar tool on the right side.

fika reading mode

fika toolbar

Click on the settings icon in the upper left corner to set the text size, theme color and font.

fika text settings

Let try to switch to dark mode by clicking the color icon.
fika change theme

fika black theme