One step to convert YouTube to Mp3,MP4 video

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One step to convert YouTube to Mp3,MP4 video

Sometimes when you watching videos and listening to music on YouTube, you want to save them to your PC or mobile phone for future use. However, you may have difficulty to download the video (Install plugin or software etc.) In this article, a practical tips to download videos from YouTube. Just modify two English words of the youtube URL without installing any third-party tools. That is very simple and easy to remember instead of using troublesome transfer tools.

Features Highlights

  • No software or plugin need to install
  • Unlimited downloads and No platform dependency
  • Fast, free and easy

Steps to download MP4 from Youtube

First go to youtube and access the favour video
youtube frontpage

Modify the "be" letter to change the number "10". Press [Enter] and the following picture appears.

From this
youtube original url

youtube new url

The left side is the thumbnail of the movie. The right side has MP4 film and MP3/Audio music. The download of the video quality is based on the source. The quality of the image is determined by selecting the [Download] next to the desired image quality.
youtube video downloader

When there is a green button, click to download.
youtube download mp4

youtube downloading

After downloading, try to play normally. Is it very simple? If you want to download the movie offline or want to keep the movie, this technique is very good!

Steps to download MP3 from Youtube

If you want to listen to MP3 offline, you don't have to look for it. Just use this method and choose MP3 in the format, which is easy to download.