Install Debian 9 stretch at the beginning

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Install Debian 9 stretch at the beginning

This article describe the complete steps(with screenshot) to install Debian 9 stretch.

Table of content

  1. Download the Debian Stretch installation ISO
  2. Basic system setup
  3. Setup Network connection
  4. Change default password,Create Users and timezone
  5. Disk partition setup
  6. Packages selection
  7. Install softwares
  8. Finish setup

Download Debian Stretch installation ISO

You can download ISO from official Debian website
or below quick links

Basic system setup

  1. Prepare Deiban 9 USB drive. You can refer to this article How to burn .iso to USB drive

  2. Plug the Debian 9 (Stretch) installation USB into your PC or Server and boot from it.

  3. First of all, You need to select language, Location and Keyboard
    Boot_Debian_9" height="30

  4. Load Components

Setup Network connection

System try to detect DHCP from network

Detect Debian 9 Network
Detect Debian 9 DHCP
Setup Debian 9 Network

Setup Network connection

Since DHCP are not ready , you need to input network detail manually. Input IP address, Subnet, Gateway, DNS, Hostname and Domain

Setup Debian 9 Network IP
Setup Debian 9 Network Subnet
Setup Debian 9 Network Gateway
Setup Debian 9 Network DNS
Detect Debian 9 Manual Network
Setup Debian 9 Network Hostname
Setup Debian 9 Network Domain

Change default password,Create Users and Timezone

Change root password

By Default, System request you to input root password. Please use complex password and keep it securely.

Setup Debian 9 Root Password

Create new user that will login the system

Setup Debian 9 NewUser Name
Setup Debian 9 NewUser Password

Select server timezone and Clock

Setup Debian 9 Clock
Setup Debian 9 TimeZone

Disk partition setup

Select the target disk

Select the disk that use to install the OS.
Debian 9 Partition Load
Debian 9 Partition Disk
Debian 9 Partition Disk Select

Choose File system for the disk

It is suggested to use LVM format for future disk expandsion.

Debian 9 Partition Disk Select
Debian 9 Partition Disk Select
Debian 9 Partition Disk Select

Partition the disk and confirm setting

Debian 9 Partition Disk LVM Layout
Debian 9 Partition Disk LVM Write
Debian 9 Partition Disk LVM Creating

Packages selection

Install Debian 9 Base system

After partition the hard disk, system will install base system automatically. Wait a moment until next step.

Install Debian 9 Base System
Select Debian 9 Package Source
Select Debian 9 Package manager

Setup network source list for APT

Select Debian 9 Package Apt config
Select Debian 9 install softwares
Select Debian 9 install survey

Install softwares

Select softwares to be installed, Just enable basic softwares at this moment.

Select Debian 9 Install Software

Enable services when server boot up

Select Debian 9 Install Services
Select Debian 9 Installation

Finish setup

Setup boot loader and disk to install

Select Debian 9 Boot Loader

Install GRUB

Select Debian 9 Boot Disk
Select Debian 9 Boot Install

Finish installation and test login system

Select Debian 9 Finish Setup
Select Debian 9 Install GRUB
Select Debian 9 Login