Image optimization tool to improve website performance

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Image optimization tool to improve website performance

Why my blog/website landing page performance getting worst? One common reason is loading too much data(images). To compress the images should be improve the performance of your blog or website. This article introduce you Recompressor to optimize the images size.

Features Highlights

  • Absolutely free and no ads
  • Very secure, all processing is done in your browser

Optimize the images

Access the wesite Recompressor.
recompressor_drag. Then you can drag the images into or press button "Pick Images to compress" to select the images


Once images select, optimization process start automatically. You can select the output image format "Png/Jpeg" and then wait the process finish.


Each image is repeatedly recompressed using different settings and compared to your original, producing a file size vs quality chart.

These are statistical representations of how different the compressed image is from the original image.

Finally, press "Download all images" to download the file.

Comparsion softwares compression ratio

Below table is the compare result of using Caesium and Recompressor

Original size Caesium Recompressor
Bird.jpg 125.58KB 67.4KB 94KB
flower.jpg 99.93KB 53.18KB 44KB
glass.jpg 27.06KB 27.02KB 27.06KB
dog.jpg 2.74MB 2.64MB 2.73MB
Coffee.jpg 49.7KB 50.34KB 18.9Kb
sea.jpg 805KB 185.19KB 314KB

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