Generate weekly optimization ​report from Google search engine

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Generate weekly optimization ​report from Google search engine

For webmasters, Google PageSpeed Insights perform different tests according to the mobile device and the desktop. The most useful is to provide optimization suggestions for the test results , and the webmaster can correct it from this direction. Since the Google PageSpeed rating is so important, we can't keep an eye on the score at all times. In fact, if your website doesn't adjust, the overall score may not change too much. Is there any way to help monitor the score? Although Google does not provide this feature, there are already third-party services that first consider user needs.

PageSpeed Reports recommend in this article is a very useful free tool. Just register to add the URL to the monitoring system. You can receive PageSpeed Insights scores and optimization suggestions from email every week.Although they are all directly from Google. PageSpeed Insights, at least you don't have to manually perform tests yourself, and you'll find them faster when the results change dramatically.

Features Highlights

  • Keeping up to date with the PageSpeed scores for your webpage.
  • Know, how your site edits change the loading speed.
  • Google SERP algorithm is always changing, stay on top of it with these reports.

Account registration

After opening PageSpeed Reports, click "Register" to register a new account. You can complete the registration by filling in the email and password. After you finish the login, you can log in to the console to proceed to the next step.

Register an account

Basic setup at Pagespeed

Successfully log in to the PageSpeed Reports console, click "Add New Webpage" to add a new page to be tracked. Each account is preset to provide only three traceable link quotas. If you need more, click "Contact Us" to ask how to Add more credits.

Fill in the webpage links fixed by PageSpeed Insights every week.

Add webpage

Once added to the PageSpeed Reports system, it will be added to the schedule immediately, and the first email will be received shortly. The new PageSpeed Insights report will continue to be received every week. If you don't want to continue receiving notifications in the future, just click here to Remove it.

Report dashboard

Receiving reports from PageSpeed Reports looks like the following image, including mobile devices, desktop ratings, speed ratings, and optimization suggestions. If you want more information, click on the link below to quickly open PageSpeed Insights test results.

Check report in email

Email report

In general, The greatest value of the tool is helping you to improve the user experience according to the reports.

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