Generate color schemes for design in seconds

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Generate color schemes for design in seconds

When you start design from scratch, do you feel color selecting is very difficult? This article can help you feel more comfortable in any graphic design, web design, art etc. By using coolors, you can create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds in the cloud.

Features Highlights

  • Fast and simple
  • Pick up starting colors from images
  • Adjust and refine colors precisely by adjusting temperature, hue, saturation, brightness and more
  • Export palettes in PNG, PDF, SCSS, SVG or copy the permanent URLs.
  • Colors in the cloud and access your creations everywhere.

Generate the color scheme

Go to Website and then click "Start the Generator, it's free!" button.

Show coolors frontpage

By default, color will generate randomly

It can select color from your image, Click "Pick colors from image" icon and drag image file into the window
Select image

Pick your desire color
Pick color

Export the color scheme

Once you choose final palette, you can export it
Export color format

Adjust the Hue, Saturation, brightness

Click on any other and select "Adjust" link
Color adjustment

Official Website: