Free vector graphics, fonts, illustrations and graphics

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Free vector graphics, fonts, illustrations and graphics

Nowaday, the rise of the Internet has caused copyright problems. If you want to find some free images and materials, this article introduces a free material website, which provides a large number of vector files. Photos, icons, fonts, vignettes, wallpapers, brushes, materials, style tools, clip art, etc., you can easily find the material you want, and hope to provide a free treasure chest for those who have no material.

Features Highlights

  • Free to use for both personal and commercial.
  • Limit the number of downloads (below 50) per user per day.

How to download the materials

After entering the website, you can see the types of free materials supported above, vector files, photos, icons, fonts, vignettes, wallpapers, and even Photoshop brushes and styles.

Show 1001freedownloads frontpage

Search favour image by keyword(s)

You can search for keywords directly in the search box. For example, I type "cat" and select "All" for the file category.

Show search result

Once you find the icon of the selected material, you can enter the downloaded page and see the big [Free Download] point.

Enlarge the image

Download Vector images

Search any desire image at Vector category.

Download the image

Press download button to the compressed file, please unzip the picture file and an ai format file, ai format is Adobe Illustrator vector format file, so that the material will let you download it for free!

Unzip the downloaded file


Honestly, there are a lot of free English fonts, but there are a lot of them available here, which is comparable to professional ones. Photoshop commonly used in Brush, Texture, Style, and Pattern are also free, although the number provided is not much, there is also the possibility of digging treasure!

Official Website: