Free space to share files without registration

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Free space to share files without registration

SendSpace network hard disk is a veteran company. The biggest feature is that you can upload/share with a maximum size of 300MB without registration. There is no capacity limit, no download and traffic restrictions, but there is a 30-day storage limit. Open the browser and enter the SendSpace official website as shown below. just drag and drop the file to any place on the screen. For free members, suitable for temporary file storage.

Features Highlights

  • No need to register to use sendspace
  • Free users can upload files up to 300MB each

Upload file(s) for sharing

When the file selected for upload appears, press [Upload] to start uploading.

Then you will see the progress of the upload process.

After completion, there will be multiple ways to download hyperlinks. Non-registered members or non-paid registered members have a 30-day storage period. You can share your friends using the Download Page Link.

After sharing the link to a friend, just click on the link to display the following picture. The friend clicks [Download] to download. Sharing the uploaded file to a friend without registering is one of the biggest features of the SendSpace network hard drive.

Register as member to manage file(s)

Access and click "Sign up"

Fill in the detail

After registration, you need to initiate an authentication by email. Go to the registered email address and click on the activation link.

After logs in, the screen is as follows. Click My File to manage your own files.

Click the file to be shared with friend. You can see the details and find out the share link


It is recommended to upload and share downloads files temporarily without registration.

Official website: