Free online PDF conversion, compression, merging tools

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Free online PDF conversion, compression, merging tools

PDF files are cross-platform, easy to carry, and open standards document format. It is free to authorize the development of PDF compatible software. However Adobe's Acrobat editing version is expensive. So this article introduce a set of free online EasyPDF tools which can be easily established without installing any softwares. Tools inlcude convert PDF, merge, split, compress signature, encryption and decryption etc.

Features Highlights

  • Convert Image to Word, Excel, Text
  • Free Conversion is always free and anonymous
  • Secure and Easy
  • Convert files from the Cloud

easypdf frontpage

How to convert PDF to Word

Go to the official website, all the functions are displayed in large graphic boxes.

Use PDF to Word to display the following image, you can use drag and drop, or click [Select File] to manually select the file to be converted, and also support Dropbox and Google Cloud Hard Drive.

Drag and drop into the dotted box and click [Convert PDF].

Convert pdf to word

Once the conversion is complete, the [Download Your File] button will appear, click to download. PDF files are converted into Word, PPT, Excel, DWG, TXT, PNG, JPG and GIF formats, and their operations are roughly the same.

Download PDF

How to split PDF

The split screen is shown below, allowing you to select the pages you want to split. PDF format is ubiquitous, even if it is a scanner and office multi-function photocopier, it also directly supports PDF output, even Windows 10 can easily convert and store PDF.

Split pdf

Try OCR Online

Upload the Image and press "Convert Image" button


Output Word document

OCR result


EasyPDF is worth to try when you need rapid PDF file convertion. However OCR convertion is a little bit slow. Take your time when using this function.

Official website: