Free handpicked high quality photos gallery

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Free handpicked high quality photos gallery

Magdeleine is a free handpicked high quality photo gallery website. User can be search picture by classified, authorized, and color. The classification includes nature, architecture, city, people, animals, food, technology and other common categories, the picture has a very high resolution and quality. Although Magdeleine have not much materials, photos are Handpicked that is easy to find good-looking photos.

Features Highlights

  • Handpicked as the main gallery selling point.
  • Search for related photos by category, authorization method, color or label
  • Download original high quality images for free without registration

Download pictures from website

Show magedeleine Frontpage

After opening the Magdeleine Gallery, you can see some latest updated photo material from the homepage. Move the cursor to the top of the photo to display the authorization method. Click the photo page to view more information and include the download link of the original photo.

The menu on the right side is the main basic operation area. You can enter keyword to search, or browse specific categories, authorization types or color labels. The first introduction mentioned that Magdeleine provides CC0 authorized photos, and of course there is a requirement that users must Label the source and author's authorization method.Use the authorization link to view photos with different authorizations.
Click the Sidebar

The photo will be displayed in a smaller preview when browsing, and the original author's name and photo sticker will be displayed as below.

Search image by keyword

After entering the photo page, there will be a larger preview, which can also find the color, classification, resolution (size), file capacity, camera and label. Click "DOWNLOAD" to get the original photo.
Enlarge the image
Download the image

Magdeleine is profitable by displaying other Gallery Premium paid photos. There is no other advertisement. The website feels quite comfortable on browsing and not too many advertisements that will interfere with reading. It is very suitable for looking for pictures or looking for inspiration.

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