Free famous website monitoring service

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Free famous website monitoring service

Website always online is very important of your company or personal blog. Most basic website monitoring tool can monitor webpages or servers for 24x7 and remind users by email or SMS. If problems occur, you can be processed immediately in order to reduce losses. Montastic introduce in this article is a very old web monitoring service. Although it has been more than ten years ago, the service is still running and still being developed and maintained. By using Montastic, you can easily monitor whether a URL or link can be connected properly or confirm whether the string on the page exists (or does not exist). If there is a problem, the notification will be sent through the user's preset email.

Features Highlights

  • Free plan to monitor three URLs with a 30 minute interval
  • Multiple email notification to recipients

Add site url to be monitored

After accessing Montastic, enter the URL to be monitored or checked for normal connection. If you want to use a certain text to appear (or disappear) as the trigger point.
Show Montastic Frontpage

You can adjust the monitoring time interval. The free version is 30 minutes minimum, and the longest one time. You can set it to 5 minutes and 10 minutes after payment.
Set Time interval

The website connection of the monitoring results will be displayed below.
The green website up and running will display the normal operation of the website. Then we can start monitoring and receiving notifications by entering Email below.
Get the URL

When everything is set, Click "info" button to see the detail
See the details

Add more alert recipients

Click "My Account" and then "Alerts recipients"
Add alerts recipient

Montastic works when the monitoring status changes. Send notifications to users via email.
Receive alert email

Price comparsion

Price comparsion

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