Free domain registration for your website

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Free domain registration for your website

Generally, domain needs to pay and it is not always possible to apply for the domain name that you want. This article will introduce a free second-level domain for your website. Domain name is Freenom, although it is only available for one year free, it can be extended for free after expiration.

Features Highlights

  • Abosoultly free
  • Can manage DNS records and URL Forwarding

How to apply a domain

Go directly to the official website to appear the following picture, first enter the desired domain name, then click "Check Availability" to see if the domain is unique.
Check available domain

Select the top-level domain you want (TK / ML / GA / CF / GQ), click [Get it Now] and press [Checkout].


The default is 3 months free. Click on the red box to select "12Months@FREE" and press [Continue].

Select domain period

The free domain sees $0 USD after Total Due Today, so feel free to fill in the mail box to check if it is acceptable.

Review summary

Check it out on the mail box, and there is a letter sent by freenom, click on the link in the macro box to confirm.

Confirmation email

Then complete some basic account, password, address, phone and other personal registration information, check "I have read and agree to the Terms Conditions" and click [Complete Order] to continue.

Fill in the data

At this point you will receive an order number, congratulations on successfully registering for a free domain!
Confirming order

Login website for basic setup

After login the website, Go to "My Domain" to maintain the host data of the domain.

Go to page mydomain

You can see the registration date and end date of the domain. The end date is the date after you specify one year. When it expires, it will continue to be extended. The status shows "ACTIVE" to indicate that it is enabled. After understanding, press [Manage Domain].

Show th detail

There are some information and upgrades on this screen. Just press "Manage Freenom DNS"

Map a domain to an IP address

With the domain, you need to match the IP address of the machine to the IP address of the machine, so that the IP and the domain can be queried. Input your IP addess into the box and press "Save Changes" The following figure shows the corresponding IP address for this domain. Wait over 1 hour to make domain take effective.

Map IP address

Official Website: