Download online video by posting URL

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Download online video by posting URL

Savieo - an online services that can download videos by posting URL on the website. It supports multiple audio and video platforms. You don't need to install any plugins, software and apps to get the video. Whether it is backing up, storing videos, or going out on vacation, you can watch the video as you like without internet or bad signals. It's so convenient to download it using a browser!

Some common websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Flickr, TED, Tik Tok vibrato, etc., there are not many tools to download quickly. Savieo allow you to paste URL to download video quick and easy.

Features Highlights

  • No plugins, softwares needed
  • Support 34 video websites

Check the supported websites

Access the Website and you can see the supported websites list
Supported websites

How to download the video

First copy the URL of the movie, then paste the URL into the box. Press [DOWNLOAD] next to it.

Paste url

Now another browsing window is opened. On the right side, you can see the download link with different resolutions and video formats. You can select the format to download.

Download the video

After entering the playback screen, press the right mouse button to see the "Save Movie As" option, click to download.

Save the video

Official Website: